To: DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

We will NOT support Hillary Clinton

This campaign has ended.

We will NOT support Hillary Clinton

The DNC has become the UnDemocratic party. It has determined Hillary Clinton will be its candidate in the 2016 elections and is doing everything possible to obstruct the campaigns of other candidates like Bernie Sanders. It believes all Democrats will eventually support Hillary Clinton. We are saying the DNC is wrong. We, will not support Hillary Clinton

Why is this important?

The DNC has become an embarrassment to many Democrats.
First, it passed an undemocratic rule forbidding its candidates from debating except in DNC sanctioned debates.
Then it put off scheduling debates until October (giving the GOP a two month head start on the 2016 election).
It scheduled its first debate to occur 3 days after New Yorkers belonging to other political parties can change their registration to vote for democrats in the 2016 primary.
It is now trying to crowd the debate stage with as many candidates as possible to protect Hillary Clinton from scrutiny and to limit the national exposure of other candidates.
The DNC is also using Bernie Sanders' photo to solicit funds for the DNC and thus divert money away from the Sanders campaign. Don't give a cent to the DNC.

Reasons for signing

  • Hillary Clinton is a criminal that belongs in Federal Prison
  • The information released regarding the DNC's handling of the primaries shows that Secretary Clinton is not truly the choice of those who voted. Secretary Clinton should withdraw in support of Senator Sanders!
  • She is a corrupt politician.


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According to the New York Times, 4 state Democratic Parties have already entered into fund-raising agreements with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. If money is raised by the state parties it will be split with the Clinton campaign and vice-versa. It is unprecedented for a candidate to create “Victory Funds” (which is what the campaign calls them) before voters have even chosen a nominee.

There is nothing illegal about what the Clinton campaign is doing. If other Dems had Clinton’s wealthy donors, Corporate PAC’s and campaign infrastructure they could do the same thing. No other candidate has these essentials.

I can’t think of another instance when a political party has chosen to support a candidate without giving people a chance to vote. I can only recommend that Democrats who do not support Ms. Clinton withhold all donations to the state and national party and send contributions directly to the candidate of their choice.

2015-08-18 04:38:05 -0700

WE ARE NOT SHEEPLE. This petition is going great and I thank you but, some people who read the title and not the petition think I am trying to create division between Democratic candidates. Absolutely not. This is a petition about the DNC and it's decision to pick a candidate and expect us to be SHEEPLE and blindly support its choice. The majority of voters in America are Independents (42%) and the DNC cannot take our support of Bernie Sanders and other Democratic candidates as an endorsement of the Democratic Party and its choice.
If everyone who has signed the petition gets ONE additional person to sign...WOW!!!

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