To: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart's Employee Discount needs to cover ALL food!

Walmart's Employee Discount needs to cover ALL food!

Expand Walmart's 10% employee discount to cover ALL food products.

Why is this important?

Across the country we are struggling to feed our families. As Walmart associates, we work every day surrounded by groceries, but many of them are too expensive for us to actually buy. Walmart could decide to alleviate some of our burden, by joining the ranks of Trader Joes[1], Whole Foods, and Target[2] in offering an employee discount across ALL food items. The current Walmart discount (10%) does not cover "most grocery items other than fresh produce"[3]. We don't get any discount on basic groceries like milk, eggs, and bread. The policy is vaguely written, but I and other associates have noticed that we can get a discount on candy and chips, but not other basics that would help us eat healthier.

My name is Nancy Reynolds and I know that to many, a 10% employee discount may not seem like a lot. But we know as Walmart associates, it could mean the difference between putting food on the table and going hungry.

I have diabetes, and the food I’m eligible to receive a discount on isn’t good for me. I need to eat healthy food multiple times throughout the day and simply put: that is hard on Walmart pay and hours. If Walmart would extend its employee discount to cover ALL food items it would help associates and our families across the country-- and we know Walmart can afford it.

This is a win – win. Walmart is one of the only large grocers in the United States that doesn’t have an across the board employee discount for food. A ten percent discount would allow Walmart associates to spend more money on food at Walmart. The company would get more money and we would be able to be healthier workers. I've even talked to Walmart associates in Canada who said that they receive discounts on all of their food, so why not here in the United States too?”

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, we want to be able to relax and celebrate with our families. A 10% discount on all food items could mean that Walmart workers across the country won’t be going hungry this holiday season.

Tell Walmart: We need it NOW.

Nancy Reynolds
Walmart store 771
Merritt Island, FL





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