To: US Department of Labor, Secretary Tom Perez

Wage Theft Protection -- US Workers Need Paystubs

Wage Theft Protection -- US Workers Need Paystubs

The US Department of Labor should issue a rule that all US employees must get a paystub every time they are paid. With this simple regulation, the DOL will require employers to share the wage information they already have with the worker who earned the pay. Paystubs For All will help stop wage theft and support DOL enforcement efforts.

Why is this important?

Maybe you thought workers already got paystubs? You’d think so – since employers already save the data for 3 years to show the Department of Labor. Everyone has access to how a worker's pay was calculated – except the worker.

Without paystubs, workers can’t see how their pay was calculated, what hours they were paid for, or what deductions were taken. Without documentation, it’s hard to prove wage theft.

In any given week, 57% of low-income workers aren’t paid for all the time they work, have illegal deductions taken, or aren’t paid overtime as required. Over 20 million low-wage workers don’t get paystubs.

One signature from US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez will make it a federal violation if employers don’t give employees paystubs.

The DOL can issue a simple rule that could help address this problem. Please ask Labor Secretary Perez to take action now.

This rule costs the government nothing (and will help with wage theft enforcement) and is easy for employers – it’s information they already have.

Every day, workers come into the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center who are getting their pay stolen, but can’t prove it without a paystub. With your help, we can change that.

How it will be delivered

The Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center will use this petition -- and the stories of workers who were hurt because they didn't get paystubs -- to show the Department of Labor that people all over the US care about this simple rule. Paystubs aren't just a technicality: Paystubs For All!


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