To: Anyone that has the strength to believe we can cause change and take control of our Government.

The Human Party Your Government working for you 100% Transparency

The Human Party Your Government working for you 100% Transparency

Sign this petition and share it with everyone you can. We can change our Government from the ground up, and this is How ~ A political party is a voluntary association formed out of the free will and consent of those who created it. A political party upholds certain principles regarding public policies of a government. A political party seeks to attain and maintain political power within a government. What we want to do is take over and change that and simply use government to administer the will of the people with complete transparency.- See more at:

Why is this important?

Sign this petition so we can cause a total Government Change:
We are talking about retiring the current multi party which is divisive and weakens us to the point we have come to be. If we continue doing what we been doin we'll continue to worsen so we must change and regain our Healthy Balance as a Nation.
Here are some of our agreed things in common reasons to take action NOW!
True transparency in government, have elected servants not officials that take personal integrity and pride in being humbled and honored to serve in their Government.
No more money driven elections or government.
Equal pay and healthcare for all including elected officials which includes higher minimum wage.
Healthcare reform that brings together all forms of medicine and requires at least to begin with 3 distinct divisions (1) Trauma Care (2) Wellness Care (3) Diagnostics (4) Results Based Functional Medicine where we take all modalities that actually work. Adding to this two required elements (1) 100% full discloser and accountability, meaning this is how many people we have treated and these are the results for each one. (2) Public access database so that when any person gets sick and dies some one can post what happened medically and with ones that get well the same so we can see what is and is not working, so medicine is not EVER money driven or owned by any specific industry. This way we will begin quickly to see patterns, cycles and seasons showing us where to continue and where to stop.
Put prisoners to work and train them in their best personal qualities returning them to society a better person instead of a better criminal. End lobbying. Make all elections free public access with no talk of the other person just about you and what you want to accomplish and why you would be a good candidate for the position, and to have a default replacement in position so that if the elected person failed to do as promised would be replaced with a minimum of red tape. In other words be a government actually for the people and one that dealt kindly with its States in that Welfare recipients that are not totally disabled would receive benefits in addition to having to work as they are able with the goal of being trained in their best gifts and talents so they can stand on their own. And to never disrespect our Veterans who risked their lives so "WE THE PEOPLE" could have and retain our freedoms and quality of life. This would be but the beginning the main point is to return not only the government to a mechanism of service to allow our Country to be healthy and strong but to have major participation from its Citizens because they are thee main part of the process, therefore participating as they would for say their favorite Band, or Sports team, or saving babies or animals Etc. So that we can be proud once again of America "The United States" where the people do not blindly follow.

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