To: Texas Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth)

Thank Texas Senator Wendy Davis for standing up for women everywhere.

Thank Texas Senator Wendy Davis for standing up for women everywhere.

Senator Davis, your fearless 12-hour filibuster to stop an outrageous, extreme anti-choice bill is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for standing up for women and the people who love them in Texas and everywhere.

Why is this important?

Last week, Texas Republicans tried to ram through one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country, ignoring the opposition of the vast majority of Texans, and the more than 600 people who united in the state capitol to stop the bill. Anti-abortion legislators hoped to slip the legislation through under the radar in the middle of the night, assuming that Texas women wouldn't notice this egregious overreach.

But Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Fort Worth, didn't just speak out loudly against the absurd bill--she commanded the floor for nearly 12 hours, bound by strict rules that prevented her from eating, drinking, or even using the bathroom without giving up her microphone. As a result of her heroic determination, she ran down the clock on the special session and ensured the bill was tabled, and brought national attention to the issue. When she was forced to end her filibuster for mentioning transvaginal ultrasound--ruled by the Speaker as unrelated to the current bill!--other legislators heroically ran down the clock, and were then supported by a "people's filibuster" from the chamber gallery.

We know that extremists across the country aren't ready to stop their efforts to interfere in the personal medical decisions of women throughout this country. But with champions like Senator Davis on our side, we can show right-wing extremists that we're prepared to fight their outrageous attempts to limit abortion.

We need more heroes like Senator Davis. And when legislators like her stand up to extremism, they need to know we have their backs. Sign my petition now to thank Senator Wendy Davis for her courage and her determination to protect the rights of women everywhere.



Reasons for signing

  • Women, just like men, should be in control of their own bodies! Period.
  • Demonstrations of TRUE Texas grit deserve recognition and gratitude for this sudden buoyancy in my heart. And something tells me I am FAR from alone. I look forward to seeing her occupy the governor's mansion, and in time, the white house. She has my vote in the bag.


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