To: Sheriff Stanley Glanz

Terminate Tulsa County Sheriff Deputies Michael Huckeby and Joseph Byars

Terminate Tulsa County Sheriff Deputies Michael Huckeby and Joseph Byars

We the People Oklahoma, in order to form a more perfect union, demand that Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz immediately terminate deputies Michael Huckeby and Joseph Byars for their inhumane treatment exhibited during the arrest and murder of Eric Harris.

As Mr. Harris lay bleeding in the street after reserve deputy Robert Bates "accidentally" shot him, Deputy Huckeby used his knee to grind Mr. Harris his face into the cement. When Mr. Harris expressed that he was unable to breathe, Deputy Byars told him "Fuck your breath."

Why is this important?

We the People Oklahoma contend that this type of "big game hunting" has no place in policing. Officers should be trained to de-escalate situations instead of showing a complete lack of regard for human life as these two did, on camera.

How it will be delivered

Representatives from our group will deliver the petition in person when we meet with Sheriff Glanz

Tulsa, OK, United States


Reasons for signing

  • Their behavior is barbaric! Having no place in the police dept.
  • Tulsa already have a city police force, ever since Glanz (an ex Tulsa police officer) became sheriff they have acted as a second police force within the city of Tulsa. The sheriff deputies need to get back to patrolling the rural Tulsa county areas, Tulsa already has a police force. The sheriff is wasting resources thru duplication. The sheriff should also resign.
  • Terminate and arrest these barbaric criminals!!!


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