To: Manager of the YES! Organic Market on Columbia Road NW

Tell the YES! Organic Market on Columbia Road: Stand up for women's health, stop carrying Eden Foods

Tell the YES! Organic Market on Columbia Road: Stand up for women's health, stop carrying Eden Foods

Eden Foods is the Hobby Lobby of the organic aisle. It has sued for the right to use its owner's religious beliefs to discriminate against female employees and block their access to birth control as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Carrying Eden products on your shelves subsidizes its campaign to block women's access to birth control. Please stop stocking Eden Foods' products.

As a regular patron of your stores, I bypass products made by Eden for other brands and am encouraging others to do the same.

Why is this important?

Eden Foods, a pioneer of the organic food movement, has joined the right-wing legal campaign against the Affordable Care Act's historic expansion of coverage for contraception. The company's desire to use its CEO's religious beliefs to block female employees from accessing contraception through their employer-provided heath plan brings Eden Foods onto the front lines of the Republican War on Women.

More than 160,000 CREDO activists nationwide have pledged not to buy Eden products until it stops its attacks on women's health. Now we're taking the next step by pressuring local stores that sell Eden Foods products to take them off the shelves.

While progressives may have limited leverage against a company like Hobby Lobby, our power to go up against Eden is strong. Beyond our personal consumer power, we can also ramp up pressure in other ways, and targeting grocery stores is a perfect next step.

Stores that carry Eden Foods' products -- like canned organic beans and Edensoy soy milk -- are endorsing Eden's attacks on women's health, especially co-ops and independent stores which can determine their own inventory. They need to get the message loud and clear that as long as Eden is working to block access to birth control, they shouldn't stock their shelves with Eden Foods' products.

Washington, DC

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Reasons for signing

  • No one's feelings about another person's birth control choices should affect their ability to receive it or their ease of access. This is especially vital when the great disparity of power between businesses and individuals in the United States becomes a factor. Our best recourse against this disparity is to band together, not just as consumers, but as communities, to advance and maintain our rights.


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