To: Utah Legislators

Tell Utah legislators: Pass a renewable electricity standard now

Tell Utah legislators: Pass a renewable electricity standard now

Investing in clean energy helps fight climate change, reduces death and disease from air pollution and creates good, local jobs. I urge you to support legislation to create a renewable electricity standard in Utah.

Why is this important?

Across the country, 30 states and the District of Columbia have renewable electricity standards in place that require a certain percentage of all electricity to be generated from clean and renewable sources of energy – but Utah isn’t one of them.

Utah has the potential to be a leader in renewable energy but it is falling behind in the clean energy race due to the state’s outdated, pro-pollution energy policies. It is long past time for that to change.

Since the first renewable electricity standard was put in place in Iowa in 1983, states across the country have used this policy to slash deadly air pollution, reduce carbon pollution and create good, local jobs.

With climate change here now and fueling extreme weather across the country, Utah can’t continue relying on dirty fossil fuels. It’s time for Utah legislature to start taking climate change seriously and pass a renewable electricity standard that requires utilities to invest in clean sources of energy.

Utah, United States

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