To: Governor Bill Haslam & State Building Commission's Executive Sub-Committee

Tell the University of TN and the State Building Commission: Don't Frack the Cumberland Plateau

Tell the University of TN and the State Building Commission: Don't Frack the Cumberland Plateau

Deny the University of Tennessee's Request for Proposal (RFP) and defer any decision relating to the RFP until the U.S. EPA concludes its comprehensive study of fracking due to be published in 2014.

Tell Smokey to just say NO to faucet fires!

The State Building Commission's Executive Subcommittee approved UT's initial Request For Proposal. There will now be a bidding process and a final review by the Subcommittee. Stay tuned and join the Sierra Club as we help move Tennessee beyond fossil fuels.

Here is a facebook event for the last Hearing in Nashville, if you would like more information.

Why is this important?

The University of Tennessee is proposing to lease a portion of over 8500 acres of land held in public trust to private companies for fracking of oil and gas for up to 20 years or as long as paying quantities of oil or gas are being produced.

The area under consideration is known as the Cumberland Forest and is located in Morgan and Scott Counties at the headwaters of major watersheds that presently supply public water utilities as well as clean water for homes, livestock, and other agricultural purposes.

Groundwater contamination is a major concern for people living in rural areas near hydraulic fracturing operations. Natural gas has been called a clean burning fuel. However, when considering its full life-cycle, from drilling to waste disposal to consumption, it is not so clean after all.

Please see the article by David Whiteside, Tennessee Riverkeeper in EcoWatch.

Sierra Club's Beyond Natural Gas Fact Sheet is an excellent, more general resource.

For more information, contact Scott Banbury at the Tennessee Chapter of the Sierra Club at

Thanks to Coalition for a Frack-Free TN, Tennessee Riverkeeper, Southern Environmental Law Center, Southern Energy Network, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, SOCM, TN Clean Water Network, Harpeth River Watershed Association, and of course the wonderful students and prof's at UTK and UTC.

How it will be delivered

Over 2200 signatures were handed in at the Hearing on March 15. Stay tuned for the final approval process following the bidding.


Reasons for signing

  • Natural gas is not particularly clean if it is polluting our water.
  • Fracking contaminates the environment, especially groundwater, not to mention the companies are shady and double-dealing.
  • We need alternative energy! Please sign every state or cities petition, the more states that ban fracking is better for the entire nation as a whole. Take a few more minutes to sign each one!