To: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz

Tell the Obama administration to stop separating families!

Tell the Obama administration to stop separating families!

The Senate has passed immigration reform, but because of unprecedented obstruction by congressional Republicans, the House of Representatives has so far failed to act. While the Republicans in Congress continue to stall the passage of comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill, the Obama administration continues to tear apart record numbers of families by deporting 1,100 members of our community every single day. Show you're serious about immigration reform by halting deportations of those who would qualify for a path to citizenship.

Why is this important?

The Obama administration has continually expressed the need for immigration reform and its support of legislation with a path to citizenship -- a path that could have prevented my mother's deportation. However, while a comprehensive immigration reform bill remains stuck on life support in Congress, President Obama has deported nearly 2 million people who would have benefitted from this policy change. Today alone, another 1,100 people will be torn apart from their families.

Seven years ago, a few months before my high school graduation, my mother was arrested in front of me and later deported to Colombia for a minor traffic violation. She missed so many important events in my family’s life, like my high school graduation and the wedding of my older sister -- which she had to witness instead through a livestream connection on someone’s phone.

Last year I was able to travel to the border and finally give my mother a hug. But she was on the other side of a huge metal and concrete fence, which marks the U.S.-Mexico border. We were so happy to be able to finally see each other face-to-face and touch, but it wasn’t nearly enough. My mom kept saying, "I thought I would be able to hug you better," and I knew then that I could not stop fighting until she is finally able to reunite with our family.

Like my mother, there are almost 2 million people who have been torn away from their families by President Obama’s deportations.

We know Obama has the power to stop deporting these 1,100 people every single day, and we know that we have the power to make that happen with a simple executive order. In 2012, the immigrant youth movement won a victory with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which halted deportations and now provides work permits to DREAM Act-eligible youths like me. We won this victory through tireless organizing and advocacy, and by refusing to stop our fight, even when President Obama said he couldn’t or wouldn’t stop deporting DREAMers.

Sign my petition to show the Obama administration that you stand with 11 million undocumented Americans and that you demand the Obama administration -- DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz -- halt the 1,100 deportations happening every day.



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