To: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Tell Regulators to Reconsider their Unfair Changes to NV's Solar Rules

We urge you to reconsider the newly-approved net metering rules for Nevada solar customers. These sudden and harmful changes to one of Nevada's most important solar programs come at the expense of consumer choice, energy innovation and local jobs. Please act in the interest of Nevadans by suspending and reversing these anti-solar rules. We urge the PUCN to reconsider their decision and delay the implementation of these harmful, job-killing rates.

Why is this important?

When Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party Activists, Students, Industry, Communities of Color, and the Faith Community join together against an injustice—it’s pretty clear who is on the wrong side of history. And that is what is happening in Nevada in the wake of the Public Utility Commission’s (PUCN) December decision regarding net metering.

The PUCN approved an unfair change to the solar rules that hits consumers with a one-two punch of hefty new fees and slashed bill credit for the valuable solar power they send to NV Energy. Solar companies are leaving the state and hundreds of Nevadans are losing their jobs in the wake of the PUCN's decision. Vote Solar, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Solar Energy Industries Association, and others have filed requests asking the PUCN to reconsider the decision.

Despite enormous public support, the PUCN has decided to side with the monopoly utility—NV Energy—instead of the public interest. NV Energy is claiming that solar customers are shifting costs to non-solar customers (with no actual data). The PUCN's very own study shows that NEM customers provide a net present value benefit of $36M to non-NEM customers in Nevada. NV Energy claims that the cost of utility-scale solar has dropped significantly, thereby discrediting the study. This is a clear case of making the numbers serve your own purposes. The study needs a comprehensive update if the numbers have changed--the PUCN shouldn't just take the monopoly utility's word for it.

Nevada should be the solar capital of the world—not ground zero for the demise of the residential solar industry. Now is the time to stand up for energy choice. Now is the time to ask the PUCN to reconsider their unfair changes to NV’s solar rules.

Nevada, United States

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