To: McDonald's Corporate Executives

Tell McDonalds: End McPoverty Wages & Respect Workers' Right To Organize

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We call on McDonald's corporation to pay workers a fair wage and respect their right to organize without interference. No one who works for a corporation with over $5 billion a year in profits should be forced to use food stamps just to survive

Why is this important?

My name is Adriana Alvarez, and I am raising my two year old son Manny on the $9.15/hr I am paid by McDonalds. Today, I am joining over 250 cities around the world where workers are striking and protesting for higher wages. This movement is going global.

In the four years I have worked for McDonald’s, I have received only one 25 cent raise. I was forced to drop out of college, and to use food stamps to supplement my income just to feed my son.

Everyday when I came into my shift I was expected to count my cash register before clocking in and after clocking out at the end of my shift. This took about 20-30 minutes everyday, so McDonald’s was stealing my wages and my time every day for four years. I'm not alone, 84% of other McDonald's workers polled also experience wage theft.

On top of these hardships, McDonald’s regularly cuts my hours when business is slow. I am already scheduled less than 40 hours a week, and yet they think nothing of stripping my hours even more.

This is not the American dream.

As a single mother, it’s especially disheartening that I have so many obstacles standing in my way of success. Women in our country are paid just 77% of what men are paid, and that gap widens as we age.

Organizing into a union is one of the best ways women have to advocate for equal pay. Women workers in a union make on average 14% more than women without the protections of a union. And we’re 26% more likely to have health insurance.You don’t have to look further than other countries to see the union difference. In Denmark, fast food workers make $21 an hour. Why? Because they have a union. Workers from Denmark, France, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Norway have all joined together to fight for a living wage, and they won.

So that’s what I am doing. Today I am striking to demand that McDonald’s pay a fair wage and respect my right to organize without interference. Let McDonald’s know that you stand with me, and with all women.

Help me make history.


Watch My Video:

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