To: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Tell Governor Deal: Help child refugees who are fleeing violence

Tell Governor Deal: Help child refugees who are fleeing violence

Tens of thousands of child refugees fleeing violence in Central America have crossed the U.S. border and are in need of humane treatment at temporary shelters. Urge Governor Deal to immediately step up by helping the federal government find locations in Georgia to temporarily house toddlers and young children, who are being subjected to deplorable conditions in border patrol jails.

Why is this important?

There’s a growing humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border as tens of thousands of children flee gang violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and brave a dangerous border crossing in search of safety. It's time that governors across the U.S. step up to help care for them.

As the White House ramps up its efforts to address this humanitarian crisis, we need to make sure our state leaders are doing their part to ensure that child refugees are treated in a humane way and not rushed back to extremely dangerous situations in their countries of origin.

Fortunately, Governors Martin O'Malley of Maryland and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, have stepped up and are offering locations in their states to temporarily house these children But with thousands of child refugees still in need, we need more governors to step up and protect the children.

Conservative politicians, pundits, and extreme anti-immigration activists advocate sending these children back to certain death. Texas Governor Rick Perry has even deployed National Guard troops to secure the border rather than provide humanitarian aid. Sending soldiers to face off with children is unacceptable.

These children are not criminals. They deserve humane treatment, shelter, and appropriate legal protections. Members of Congress and the United Nations have made it clear that these children are in fact refugees who are "deserving of protection under international and domestic law."

Sheltering children who are fleeing violence is something that all states should support. This is about our obligation to protect children in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis.

GA, United States

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