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Tell Governor Pence: save energy efficiency, prevent rate hikes, veto SB340!

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Kerwin Olson
Tell Governor Pence: save energy efficiency, prevent rate hikes, veto SB340!

Please support consumers, the public interest, and Hoosier jobs. Stand up to the monopoly utilities, support continued investments in energy efficiency in Indiana and VETO SB340.

Why is this important?

By killing energy efficiency in Indiana, SB340 means more rate hikes and higher electric bills. Killing energy efficiency programs now increases the need to build expensive, new power plants in the future, which means significant and unnecessary rate hikes.

Indiana's energy efficiency program, Energizing Indiana, has created 1600+ Hoosier jobs and saved enough electricity to power over 78,000 homes. For every $1 we Hoosiers spend on energy efficiency, we save $2 on our electric bills. This is an investment that more than pays for itself, and one that we want to keep!

SB340 will kill jobs and raise electric rates. Hoosiers simply cannot afford it!

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand-delivered to Governor Mike Pence's office.

We do not know exactly when SB340 will land on Gov. Pence's desk. But we do know that once it does, he has 7 calendar days to sign or veto it (or do nothing and let it quietly become law). We will be hand-delivering this petition to his office sometime early next week. Thanks for signing and supporting Indiana's energy efficiency programs!

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