To: Governor Janice Brewer

Governor Brewer: No Tax on Rooftop Solar

Governor Brewer: No Tax on Rooftop Solar

Please help save Arizona's growing solar power industry by publicly opposing efforts to impose a new tax on rooftop solar installations in our state.

Why is this important?

I work in AZ rooftop solar industry and have for many years. I've spent countless hours on hot rooftops, installing & cleaning panels. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently. It's exciting to watch, especially as part of a small mom & pop shop.

But soon, the Arizona Corporation Commission will decide whether or not to impose a new tax on rooftop solar power installations in Arizona that could devastate our state's solar industry and leave us hooked on dirty fossil fuels.

Arizona's largest utility, Arizona Public Service, is promoting an outrageous plan that would punish people with rooftop solar installations by charging them an additional fee each month.

Governor Brewer hasn't weighed in yet, but the Residential Utility Consumer's Office (RUCO), which is part of her administration, has proposed an alternative monthly charge that would effectively crush rooftop solar here. As a strong supporter of solar power who has had solar panels on her rooftop for decades, Governor Brewer should fully support rooftop solar -- not destroy an innovative industry that employs thousands of Arizonans.

Governor Brewer isn't supporting solar if she supports RUCO's position. We need to let her know that a true solar queen -- as she likes to describe herself -- would fight back to stop this attempt to kill Arizona's rooftop solar industry.



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