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Tell Gov Branstad: Stop the Iowa Bakken Oil Pipeline

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Governor Branstad, the Bakken Pipeline will not benefit Iowans. Building it will harm Iowa’s water quality, threaten the integrity of the fertile farmland of everyday Iowans across the state, and further inhibit us from developing renewable energy infrastructure. You must reject this pipeline- it shifts the burdens and risks of construction onto Iowa for the sake of Energy Transfer Partner’s profits.

Why is this important?

Energy Transfer Partners, a Fortune 500 oil company based in Texas, announced plans to build an oil pipeline through 18 Iowa counties in order to transport dirty, explosive bakken crude oil from North Dakota. The pipeline will carry bakken crude through Iowa to Patoka, Illinois, where it will be piped to the Gulf Coast for refinement and export.

The proposed route would cross every major watershed in Iowa. A leak or spill from the pipeline would leave severe and lasting impacts on our waterways. An oil spill in Michigan from a pipeline of similar magnitude leaked 877,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo River. Clean up cost $1.21 billion, $85.9 million higher than initial estimates- the effort to restore the health of the river continues four years after the spill.

Iowa already has enough problems dealing with water quality and ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water. The last thing we need is 570,000 gallons of bakken crude travelling through Iowa every single day. It’s only a matter of time before pipelines break, leak, or spill.

The only way Energy Transfer Partners can build this pipeline is by claiming rights to Iowans property through eminent domain, and that’s just not right. In order for the state to grant ETP eminent domain, they must prove that the project will serve the public good or convenience.

This pipeline will never serve that purpose. If the Bakken Pipeline is built, it would seriously harm Iowa’s already impaired water quality, threaten the integrity of the fertile farmland of thousands of everyday Iowans, and contribute to our dependence on fossil fuels. This steers us away from developing renewable energy infrastructure and curbing the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

The good news - we still have time to stop this.

Energy Transfer Partners and their subsidiary corporations haven’t applied for a permit to the Iowa Utilities Board yet, and there will be months of public comment where we can stand up and speak out for what’s right. Even if Energy Transfer Partner’s receives the permit, we must call for an Environmental Impact Statement from the Army Corps of Engineers, and demand that the Iowa Utilities Board incorporate water and land quality concerns into their assessment of whether or not this project serves the public good.

That’s why it is the time to start organizing- the first step begins with signing this petition calling on Governor Branstad to put communities before corporations and the voices of everyday Iowans before the interests of Energy Transfer Partners. We need to support the voices of the diverse groups of Iowans across the state that have already called for the rejection of the Bakken Pipeline.

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