To: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Tell Gov Brewer to VETO SB1062

THANK YOU to everyone who signed our petition and to those who called Gov. Brewer. She heard you and vetoed SB1062 on Wednesday, February 26.

Let's stay vigilant and make sure the GOP dominated Arizona Legislature doesn't pull anymore tricks like this. 2014 is an election year. Every member of the Arizona Legislature must stand for election if they want to remain in office in 2015.

SB1062 was not the first and may not be the last thing they try to put over on the voters of our state. We will be watching and they will hear our voices if they have not yet learned the lesson.

Tell Gov Brewer to VETO SB1062

Veto SB1062, a bill that codifies, rationalizes and justifies discrimination for religious purposes and would lead to unfair treatment of gay and lesbian Arizonans.

Why is this important?

In the past week, both the Arizona Senate and House have passed disastrous legislation known as SB 1062 that would allow Arizona businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians.

The bill passed both the Senate and House and without any support from Democrats, but since Republicans hold a majority in both chambers, this discriminatory bill is now on Governor Brewer’s desk awaiting her signature.

Under Arizona state law, Governor Brewer has to make a decision on whether to sign or veto SB 1062 by the end of next week, so we need to act fast to stop this discriminatory bill from becoming law.

By giving Arizona businesses the right to discriminate, SB 1062 would lead to unfair treatment of gay and lesbian Arizonans at businesses across the state. Allowing a person to discriminate against gays based on a misguided reading of the Bible is unconscionable. It is critical that Arizona stand for equal human and civil rights for all.

Similar legislation has stalled or been defeated this week in Tennessee, South Dakota and Kansas. Arizona should follow suit by rejecting this discriminatory law, but that won’t happen unless we can build massive grassroots pressure on Governor Brewer to veto SB 1062.


Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix Arizona

Reasons for signing

  • "Whites only;" "Gentiles only;" "No Irish need apply," and so on. Haven't we been there already?
  • This Bill violates human rights under the 'guise of of the most despicable of victimizationsand propaganda-Hate and Division in the Name of Spirituality...These are the foundations that began the Holocaust
  • discrimination is WRONG


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Video of Gov Brewer addressing a press conference announcing her veto:

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