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Tell Fox News To Apologize For Cursing At President Obama On Live TV

Tell Fox News To Apologize For Cursing At President Obama On Live TV

Fox News must apologize for disrespecting the Commander In Chief by allowing contributor Ralph Peters to call the President Of The United States a "total *****" on live television.

Why is this important?

Fox News has been largely held unaccountable for its bias during the entire Obama administration. It is important that no journalistic organization is allowed to use inappropriate language towards the Commander In Chief. The American people need an accountable media, not a biased propaganda machine that spews partisan hatred.

Reasons for signing

  • irresponsible broadcasting
  • I am sick and tired of ox News disrespecting our president. When George Bush was president, Ididn't agree with him in alot of his decisions but he was still my president. And I had reespect for the position and our country. qnd him as our leader. I didbtl agree with much of his views but he was duly elected. And that is how our democracy works. DEZ...
  • No person, especially the President, deserves this level of absolute disrespect!


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