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Tell President Obama to enforce the laws of the United States against financial institutions.

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Eugene Underwood

We the people demand that President Obama enforce the laws of the United States against financial institutions. JPMorgan Chase is an institution which is infiltrated with people who violate the law in order to generate profits. We demand that officers of JPMorgan Chase be prosecuted under RICO so that Wall Street banksters learn that crime does not pay. Clearly, the Administration’s policy of exacting penalties for criminal violations, using shareholder dollars, has done nothing to deter the rampant crime in Wall Street firms.

Why is this important?

Bernie Madoff committed the biggest financial crime in history. He stole $64.8 billion from tens of thousands of innocent people from countries all over the world. But he did not do this alone. In fact, he could not have done this alone. He needed the assistance of a major financial institution and he needed a bank that would conceal his criminal activities. - See more at:
Americans are entitled to honest bankers. Dishonest bankers belong in jail. We have been victimized enough by Wall Street crooks.

How it will be delivered

Once we assemble 5000 names we will submit directly to the President on his website, Every time we amass 5000 names we can petition again.

Reasons for signing

  • These criminal bankers must be prosecuted !
  • America needs to get Obummer, Holder, and the rest of the crooks in the ZOG, to wipe off their lips and get up off their knees and prosecute the Banksters, whom they have served so well. Only massive public pressure and intense independent oversight could potentially make this happen.
  • They knew,did nothing, and have not been held accountable which changed the life of thousands for ever


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