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Tell Congressional Republicans: Don't gut the healthy school lunches

Tell Congressional Republicans: Don't gut the healthy school lunches

Our children deserve healthy food at school, not junk food filled with salt, sugar, and empty calories. We urge you reject any attempts to roll back healthy school nutrition standards.

Why is this important?

In a major initiative spurred on by First Lady Michelle Obama, school lunch nutrition rules have been revamped to provide healthier school lunches to children in public schools across the country.

But now, Republicans in Congress, led by many whose campaigns are backed by Big Food special interests and the Koch Brothers, are set to roll back these major gains in providing healthy food to our school children.

We must act now to prevent Congress from advancing a bill that would permanently roll back standards for whole grains, salt, fruits and vegetables, and healthy school snacks -- and would instead allow schools to serve our children more junk food.

As a mom of three beautiful children, I know how important it is to establish healthy eating habits early and to eat healthy food, especially when they're away from home. Many kids eat up to half of their calories at school. Since the introduction of these new school nutrition standards, childhood obesity rates reportedly have been leveling off, and 91% of schools are already meeting the new school meal standards. Now is not the time to make school lunches less healthy.

School nutrition standards should be based on what is best for children, not politics. That's why we must urge Congress to reject this extreme legislation now.



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