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Tell City Council to Pass $15 Minimum Wage!

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Tell City Council to Pass $15 Minimum Wage!

Aldermen, the people are speaking loud and clear. Hard-working Chicagoans deserve a living wage and you can make that happen. We want you to pledge your full support for the $15 an hour ordinance.

Why is this important?

Imagine having to save the milk from the treat of milk & cookies you gave to the kids just so it would be there for cereal in the morning. How about depending upon your teenage child bringing in a third low-wage job's income so the family can eat and pay the bills. These situations are a daily reality for many in Chicago.

City Council has the power & the opportunity to change it. Recently, aldermen introduced an ordinance of $15 an hour. A recent study concluded the ordinance would inject more than $600 million into Chicago's economy and create 5350 jobs. This is a win-win for Chicago & residents.

Seattle just accomplished it with more cities taking up the cause. Elected officials are realizing the importance of raising wages for the people on the bottom of the economic ladder. Extra disposable income in the hands of the people already struggling to get by means more money for basic necessities. Extra money in the hands of the wealthy sits in corporate coffers or injected into Wall Street. That's not helping Main Street!

If we as a city are serious about combating some of our most plaguing problems - whether it be our education system, violence on the streets, or the plight of vacant homes and properties - we must first ensure that people working a full-time job can provide for their families.

Chicago, IL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • One of four workers get less than $10/hour. This is a huge raise for those who need it the most.
  • We must care for the many hard working men and women that do not have even enough to feed themselves or children.
  • why not????


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