To: Textbook publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson Education

Remove climate change denial from textbooks

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Remove climate change denial from textbooks

Tell Pearson and McGraw-Hill: Don’t lie to students about climate change. Remove inaccurate passages from textbooks that mislead students about the reality of climate change, and show your commitment to scholarship and integrity.

Why is this important?

McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson are two of the largest textbook publishers in the U.S. – and they’re both shopping around textbooks which include climate-change denial. One of these publishers even sources their climate-change information from the Heartland Institute – a polluter-funded special interest group, NOT a scientific organization.

The books are under consideration right now at the Texas State Board of Education. And because of the influence of the Texas textbook market, these books could eventually show up in classrooms all over the country, exposing millions more students to false claims about climate change. That's why we need to convince the publishers to correct their books before they're approved in Texas.

What exactly are the problems?
• McGraw-Hill Education (World Cultures & Geography) – includes information pulled directly from the Heartland Institute, a polluter-funded advocacy group infamous for its anti-climate change propaganda.[1]
• Pearson (Social Studies K-5) – Tells students, “Scientists disagree about what is causing climate change.”

Here's the good news: two other publishers have already cleaned up their books thanks to tens of thousands of signatures delivered on a previous petition. Public pressure can and has convinced publishers to do the right thing.

The students using these textbooks will be facing the effects of climate change throughout their lifetimes. That's why we have to draw a line in the sand in Texas.

Tell Pearson & McGraw-Hill: Make sure social studies textbooks reflect the scientific consensus about climate change.[2] Remove misleading information from your textbooks and fulfill your responsibility to educate, not indoctrinate, students.

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How it will be delivered

Hand-delivered to representatives of Pearson and McGraw-Hill at the Texas State Board of Education hearing on 11/18.



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