To: North Carolina House

Support the ERA in North Carolina

Support the ERA in North Carolina

Vote Yes on HB166 (ratification of the Federal Equal Rights Amendment)

Why is this important?

Over half this nation identifies as female. Yet, our lives, our liberties and our pursuits of happiness are still not equally revered. We bear the brunt of that inequality every time we enter a court room to challenge sex discrimination.

In cases charging discrimination, unlike race, sex is not specified as a suspect class invoking the highest level of scrutiny under the 14th Amendment. As our country struggles for racial justice, women of every race fight for justice without comparable constitutional recourse on account of sex.

It's time to write women into the U.S. Constitution. On March 5, 2015 Representative Carla “Fearless” Cunningham was joined by Rep. Mickey Michaux, Rep. Susan Fisher and Rep. Beverly Earle introducing H166 to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

The bill is in Judiciary 1 Committee. These 10 men and 1 woman listed below hold the history of women in their hands in NC. Let them hear you. The time for an Equal Rights Amendment is now. Click on their names to e-mail them or call them (use Campaign page link) and urge them to pass H166, the ERA Bill out of committee favorably.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to the North Carolina General Assembly on April 14th. We will join Rev. Barber and other Moral Monday members for their Lobby Day.