To: Director Bob Broscheid, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Support Science-based Recovery for Lynx in Colorado

Support Science-based Recovery for Lynx in Colorado

Reject US Fish and Wildlife Service’s lynx delisting recommendation, which is based on politics, not science.

Why is this important?

Earlier this month, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced their recommendation to delist the federally threatened Canada lynx. This recommendation comes as a full stop and reverse compared to their draft Species Status Assessment from one year ago.

The new report gives lynx populations in Colorado a 50% likelihood of surviving to the year 2100. In addition, that report indicates that in all but one of the current lynx populations, habitat is declining or already declined. Considering their current status and threats such as climate change, logging, habitat fragmentation, and trapping, delisting the lynx now would be a huge unnecessary risk that could lead to the lynx being put back on the endangered species list in the future, or worst case scenario, extinct.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service should be using the “precautionary principle,” and increasing protections because of these factors, not removing them completely.

The states, including Colorado, have done great work to help recover the lynx, but the work is not over yet. And although the US Forest Service land management plans currently include conservation measures for the lynx, there is no guarantee that these will continue once the species is delisted.

If the Canada lynx is federally delisted, there’s a good chance we’ll lose them here in Colorado completely. If you don’t want to take that risk, sign this petition, asking Director Broscheid to not support this delisting recommendation!

Colorado, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Why should I have to rain, that nature deserves all the protections that man seems to only think it deserves, when in is supposed to be the guardian if the earth for all its creatures!
  • there is no hurry to delist. give more time (2-3 years) and reevaluate. Fish and Wildlife are political pawns and are often driven by administration politics regarding decisions and we know this administration is a death sentence for wildlife.
  • Because without Wildlife and Nature we perish.


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