To: We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, Madison Gas & Electric Executives

Support Fair Electric Billing Rates and the Growth of Renewable Energy in Wisconsin

Support Fair Electric Billing Rates and the Growth of Renewable Energy in Wisconsin

Stop attacking solar energy and energy efficiency in an attempt to stifle competition and protect your profits. Withdraw your proposals and reverse course to develop strategies for growing clean, renewable energy and expanding energy efficiency in Wisconsin.

Why is this important?

Three of the largest utilities in Wisconsin -- We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service and Madison Gas & Electric -- are considering making proposals that would raise most electricity bills by implementing higher fixed fees. These proposals will penalize customers for using less energy or using renewable energy. We Energies has already proposed a tax on solar power, wind power, and bioenergy produced by its customers, which will hamper renewable energy growth.

These plans do not serve the public's interest and will hamper Wisconsin's economic and clean energy growth.

It isn't too late for Wisconsin's big utilities to change their proposals before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission makes a final decision -- but it will take your united voices to get them to make that happen

Clean energy development is one of the nation's fastest growing industries, but these proposals would stifle renewable energy growth and send jobs out of the state. Allowing customers to have a choice in managing their energy costs will strengthen Wisconsin's economy, create jobs and diversify the state's energy portfolio.

If approved, these proposals will deter Wisconsin's transition to a more local and clean energy market. Please support another approach that benefits all Wisconsinites, our state, our jobs and our environment.

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