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Successful Campaigns
  • Tell Governor Brown: Help child refugees who are fleeing violence
    On July 29, Governor Brown said he would do everything he can "to make sure California will do its part to shelter any young children that are in need of protection." He added, "I would support additional shelters to deal with this particular immediate challenge we have."
    5,541 Signatures
    Created by Zhan Ouyang
  • Walgreens: Stand with Us & Stay in America
    Great news! Walgreens is dropping its plan to dodge more than $4 billion in taxes by changing its corporate address. We took on powerful shareholders like Goldman Sachs and demanded that Walgreens executives listen to community stakeholders. And they heard us. This victory shows that when we organize, we win.
    73,478 Signatures
    Created by Sandy Lindsey Picture
  • Stop the Utility Power Grab
    Our five-month campaign to stop the monopoly utilities from destroying Community Choice Energy is over and, thanks to you, we won! On Saturday, August 30, the California legislative session ended with no vote on AB 2145 (aka "The Utility Power Grab of 2014"). Power to the people, indeed!
    28,353 Signatures
    Created by Erica Etelson Picture
  • Gov. O'Malley: Defend Clean Energy. VETO the Anti-Wind Power Bill
    Outstanding news: Gov. O'Malley vetoed the anti-wind power bill on May 16. THANK YOU for raising your voices in defense of clean energy! We were 2,792 strong, and our grassroots outcry helped spur the governor to make the right decision.
    2,812 Signatures
    Created by Tommy Landers
  • Protect Florida Panthers from Big Oil
    Great news! The DEP for the State of Florida had recently revoked the oil drilling permits for the Dan A. Hughes Co. and is also filing a lawsuit seeking more than $100,000 in fines against the company. This would mean the Dan A. Hugh’s Company loses all authority to operate in the State of Florida.
    133,062 Signatures
    Created by Brian Call
  • Sign the petition: Stop Ohio Republicans from suppressing the vote
    In July, the Department of Justice backed the NAACP's legal challenge to the reduction of early voting days and the elimination of "golden week." Then in September, a federal judge ruled in favor of the NAACP and DOJ, blocking Republicans' latest attempt to make it harder to vote. Thanks so much for being part of the fight to protect and expand voting rights.
    104,983 Signatures
    Created by Sara Vredevoogd
  • Stand Up to the NRA and Support Your Nominee for Surgeon General
    Great news! After more than 120,000 activists signed the petition and more than 1,400 called key Senate offices, the Senate confirmed Dr. Vivek Murthy as our next surgeon general by a vote of 51-43 on Monday, December 15.
    120,511 Signatures
    Created by Robert Blanchard
  • Urge the Berkeley City Council to Raise the Wage to $10.74+
    Victory! Last night the Berkeley City Council took a second and final vote to raise the Berkeley minimum wage to $12.53 per hour! The full $12.53 is rolled out over a 2 year period with the first increase to $10 coming this October with annual increases to follow. Eventually, our victory will mean $5000 a year in the pockets of low-wage working families that will flow directly into our local economy improving the lives of tens of thousands of people.
    1,002 Signatures
    Created by Nicky Gonzalez Yuen Picture
  • Stop food stamp cuts in Massachusetts
    Great news! On Tuesday March 18, Massachusetts became the 8th state to announce that it would leverage heating assistance funding to stop food stamp cuts from affecting its citizens.
    3,999 Signatures
    Created by Laurel Facey Picture
  • Make sure minimum wage workers can catch up and keep up
    I stood in the Minnesota Capitol with my daughters as Governor Dayton signed a bill raising Minnesota's minimum wage to $9.50 an hour, indexed to inflation. As we campaigned to raise the minimum wage, we heard that same refrain over and over -- it's not possible, the minimum wage couldn’t be raised to $9.50 and it couldn’t be tied to inflation. But you and thousands of others like you refused to take no for an answer. You wouldn't quit. And that work, hand-in-hand with bold legislative champions and an incredible coalition of faith, labor, and community groups, made the impossible possible. We put together a list of the top 10 things that Minnesotans like you did to raise the wage. Take a look, and celebrate all that we can accomplish when we raise our voices together:
    2,735 Signatures
    Created by Jessica English