To: Arizona Corporation Commission

Stop the Utility Power Grab in Arizona

Stop the Utility Power Grab in Arizona

Rooftop solar delivers significant public benefits – jobs, energy bill savings, improved air quality, avoided energy costs, and the decreased use of precious water resources in our energy production. This valuable resource should be supported and encouraged in Arizona, one of the sunniest states in the country. I urge you to be a leader on this issue and reject Arizona Public Service’s proposal to dismantle net metering and take away customer energy choice.

Why is this important?

Arizona’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service (APS), just announced plans to kill the state’s rooftop solar industry and customer energy choice. We need to put public pressure on the Arizona Corporation Commission, the final decision makers on this issue, to stop the utility power grab.

Under current law, Arizona residents who install rooftop solar panels on their homes are able to receive fair credit for any excess electricity they provide to the power grid – helping pay off their investment by providing a clean source of energy to their neighbors. But APS is trying to keep its monopoly hold on Arizona’s power supply by dismantling that bill credit arrangement. Their proposal effectively taxes the sun therefore making solar energy a bad investment for Arizonans.

If our elected officials at the Arizona Corporation Commission approve this proposal, it could be rolled out statewide -- so even if APS isn’t your utility, this extreme anti-solar proposal could affect you. And even if you already have solar on your roof, if you sell your house then the new homeowner would be subject to APS’ solar tax—therefore making your investment less valuable.

Our economy thrives on innovation, competition and choice. We cannot let Arizona’s utilities stand in the way of all that by killing the state’s rooftop solar industry and taking away customer energy choice. All people should have the right to reduce their electricity bills, right?

Tell the ACC to stand strong to support Arizonans who want to go solar.

How it will be delivered

I will submit this petition into the official record at the ACC.



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