To: Elected Leaders of Shelby County, TN

Stop the Tennessee Valley Authority From Harming Shelby County's Drinking Water!

Stop the Tennessee Valley Authority From Harming Shelby County's Drinking Water!

As Shelby County residents, taxpayers, ratepayers and voters, we are opposed to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) being allowed to tap into our sole source of drinking water--the Memphis Sand Aquifer--to waste 3.5 to 7 million gallons per day just to cool their new power plant in the Frank Pidgeon Industrial Park in South Memphis.

We are further alarmed that the Shelby County Health Department has already issued three well permits to TVA, with no public notice and no oversight by elected officials, despite the threat of contamination to the Memphis Sands that may occur by sucking contaminated water from the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer into the Memphis Sand through breaches (holes) in the confining clay as a result of these wells.

We support the current efforts to appeal the issuance of TVA’s final two permits that are pending review before the Shelby County Groundwater Control Board, and urge you to weigh in on this issue and do everything in your power, as quickly as possible, to see that TVA’s pending well permits are denied and that the ones already issued are revoked. TVA must be held to their 2014 promise to use grey water from the T.E. Maxson Treatment Plant immediately adjacent their new power plant.

Why is this important?

In 2014, the Tennessee Valley Authority decided to shutdown their dirty coal burning power plant in Memphis, and replace it with a cleaner combined cycle natural gas plant. As part of their plan, TVA promised to use grey water from the TE Maxson Waste Treatment Plant next door to cool their new power plant. More than 1,500 people commented in favor of TVA's decision during the comment period on the Environmental Assessment required by the National Environmental Policy Act. Subsequently, TVA decided to switch from grey water to drinking water sourced from the famous Memphis Sands Aquifer and justified their decision with a Supplemental Environmental Assessment that was never released to the public. TVA has secured permits for, and drilled, three of the wells that they require. Sierra Club and allies with a new group called "Protect Our Aquifer" have filed an appeal to deny the last two well permits that TVA requires and are working to revoke the three they already got. Wasting pristine drinking water is wrong and TVA should immediately return to their original plan to use treated wastewater.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand delivered to all elected officials representing Shelby County, TN

Tennessee, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Our water is a valuable resource to this city.
  • Keep our water safe and keep this from being a secret
  • We MUST protect our drinking water from carcinogens to the extent that we can.


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