To: Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

Stop the Phillips 66 tar sands refinery expansion and propane recovery in Rodeo

Stop the Phillips 66 tar sands refinery expansion and propane recovery in Rodeo

Phillips 66's plan to expand its Rodeo refinery would put Rodeo, Crockett and Hercules at risk from rail accidents, refinery explosions and air pollution. And by increasing demand for filthy tar sands and Bakken crude, it would increase carbon pollution in the Bay Area and accelerate climate change.

Block this disastrous project.

Why is this important?

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved Phillips 66's plan to expand its Rodeo refinery. This proposed project is a major threat to our community and to the climate.

Although Phillips 66's refinery is small compared to others in the Bay Area, it produces almost TWICE AS MUCH pollution as the colossal Chevron refinery in Richmond.

Phillips 66 is pushing a major expansion to its Rodeo refinery that would increase its capacity to refine, and its thirst for, planet-heating tar sands crude. Phillips 66's dirty secret is that tar sands is already being shipped to East Bay refineries on accident-prone rail cars -- but this expansion threatens to dramatically increase oil train traffic, air pollution, carbon pollution and the risk of spills and accidents.

To make matters worse, Phillips 66 wants to site a major part of its propane expansion project in a liquefaction zone. Phillips 66’s planning around this project is reckless and endangers fenceline communities.

Three groups: Communities for a Better Environment, Rodeo Citizen's Association and SAFER have sued Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and Phillips 66 for collaborating on an incomplete EIR.
We need to still apply pressure and demonstrate to the County and to P66 that the Bay Area won't stand idly by while it becomes a major refinery hub for tar sands.

There are 4 major issues that Contra Costa County needs to address:

1. CALIFORNIA’S WATER SUPPLY WILL BE THREATENED: The proposed project poses an imminent threat to both our natural resources and our citizens. The health of California’s water supply from the Delta will be threatened by the dramatic increase of explosive, dirty crude and/or propane “rolling bomb” oil cars barreling through the wetlands, along the water of the bay and through countless towns and major cities.

2. DEGRADATION OF AIR QUALITY: The Phillips 66 refinery expansion, along with other refinery expansion projects in the pipeline, will deal a heavy blow to the already degraded air quality in California. Bay Area refineries like P66 want to get dirty crude infrastructure in the ground BEFORE the State of California’s reduced emission standards are in place.

With the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeding 400 parts per million -- more than at any point since our species evolved -- it's unjustifiable to build huge new fossil fuel infrastructure projects that will increase the production of Canadian tar sands, some of the dirtiest oil on earth.

3. CORROSIVE CRUDE DAMAGES REFINERY PIPES AND TANKS: The processing of Tar Sands and other heavy crude oil -- which are more corrosive than conventional oil -- which will increase the risk of refinery accidents like the explosion at Chevron's Richmond refinery last year, which sent 15,000 people to the hospital complaining of respiratory distress.

4. AN EXPLODING BULLET TANK OF PROPANE WILL KILL MANY PEOPLE NORTHWEST RODEO IN A SINGLE EXPLOSION: Phillips 66 is already sited perilously close to the community. There is no industrial “buffer zone," which makes Northwest Rodeo “ground zero” should a massive propane tank explosion occur. And now Phillips 66 wants to construct six huge propane storage tanks and two new rail spurs to ship propane and butane (abundant components of dirty tar sands) out of the facility. Both the rail spur and the pipe complex (that connects to proposed propane tanks to the oil trains) are sited on a liquefaction zone. A propane explosion of that size at the Rodeo facility, like the one that injured 8 people at a propane plant in Florida over the summer and killed 15 workers in Texas in 2005, would pose a major threat to both workers and Rodeo residents living along the facility's fence-line.

There's rapidly growing opposition to Phillips 66 and other refinery expansion projects in the Bay Area. In August, thousands marched and more than 200 people were arrested for sitting in at Chevron's Richmond refinery. We can stop Bay Area refineries from endangering our communities, but we have to revoke their social license to operate without regard for our health and the climate.

And THAT starts with people like us speaking out publicly against projects like the Phillips 66 refinery expansion.

How it will be delivered

We presented the initial petition signatures to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors at a public hearing on May 13, 2014. We will continue to collect signatures until a resolution is reached.

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