To: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Stop the Nuclear Waste Con - Put Public Safety Ahead of Industry Profit

Stop the Nuclear Waste Con -  Put Public Safety Ahead of Industry Profit

Abandon the generic "one size fits all" approach to storing nuclear waste and instead, make site-specific environmental reports and recommendations that take local conditions into account.

Why is this important?

The NRC, by court order, has been required to gather public input regarding a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) regarding the storage of nuclear waste that is grossly inadequate and leaves over 150 million Americans who live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant at risk.

The NRC has declared that it would only be a SMALL risk to the environment and communities near nuclear power plants to store nuclear waste on-site for 60 years, 160 years or even INDEFINITELY if no permanent repository is established.

The analysis makes no distinctions among all of the nuclear power plants covered by the GEIS with regard to levels of seismic risk (earthquakes and tsunamis), regional population levels, proximity to transportation corridors, etc.

In the GEIS Executive Summary, the stated purpose of this ruling is for the efficiencies that would be gained, minimizing expenditures and avoiding delays in licensing reviews. This apparent bias towards the industry seems to contradict the sole purpose of the NRC in protecting the public and the environment.

This report only reinforces the growing mistrust of nuclear regulators who would play down the risk of storing nuclear waste wherever it may be presently, apparently bending to the will of the industry they are supposed to regulate. Suggesting that we will be able to rely on unproven or non-existent technology for safe storage of nuclear waste for thousands of years puts the future of our entire nation at risk.

If there was just one lesson to be learned from the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan it is that our best science and engineering is no match for the unpredictable forces of nature. It is time to stop the nuclear waste con and make it a national priority to find real solutions to stop this ticking time bomb before it is too late.

Here is what needs to be done:

• Make it a national priority to come up with real solutions to long term nuclear waste storage;
• Abandon the generic "one size fits all" approach and instead, make site-specific environmental reports and recommendations;
• Immediately reduce spent fuel pool density to original design standards, without exemptions;
• Accelerate ongoing hardened, on-site storage of spent fuel at all reactor sites.
• Cease production of all nuclear waste.

How it will be delivered

Email, print and in person.

Reasons for signing

  • Nuclear power is totally unnecessary and so hazardous. It is something we cannot undo. Please join me in signing the petition.
  • It is the best onward move!
  • The future youth should not be compromised and left with radioactive waste. cmm


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