To: Marion Ashley, County Planner Paul Rull, Riv County Board of Supervisors, Riv. County Transportation and Land Management Agency (TLMA), Riv. County Planning Dept., CA Fish and Game, Air Quality Management District (AQMD), Caltrans



Block this monstrous project from being built in our pristine rural community. Do not allow The Shopoff Group from Orange County to rezone and build a warehouse in our residential community that will alter everything about our community and way of life.

Why is this important?

A 2.5 million square foot warehouse, the size of 43 football fields, is planned for the north side of Cherry Valley Blvd, just east of the I-10 interchange. It's called the Gateway Center Warehouse. It will have 424-484 bays for 18-wheel diesel tractor-trailers and the building will be 40% larger than the Sketcher Warehouse on Route 60 in Moreno Valley. Imagine that in the middle of our housing communities.

The Shopoff Group, a developer from Orange County, will build the warehouse and then will attempt to sell it. They claim it will bring jobs. What obligation does an outsourcing company that buys up pristine rural land and converts that land into a heavy industrial zone for their own profit have to the citizens of the community they are seeking to destroy? Absolutely none. The building of the monster warehouse may create construction jobs temporarily, but there is no guarantee it will employ our local citizens. Additionally, after it is built, we will have more trucks and pollution than we know what to do with. Worth it? What do you think?

Citizens of Beaumont, Cherry Valley, and Calimesa have probably not heard of this proposed development because the developers are only required to notify individuals that live within 600 ft. of the proposed development site. The impact of this building however, will go much, much further.

The Gateway Center Warehouse will bring traffic, noise, pollution, decreased property values, permanent damage of our pristine rural community, and will drastically alter our quality of life.

I urge you to take a stand against this atrocity now, before it's too late. Urge your county leaders, your city leaders to "just say no" to the totality of this project. We did not move to Cherry Valley, Beaumont, Calimesa and Yucaipa to live next to heavy industry. We moved here because it's pristine. To keep it that way, we must speak up now. Please join me in urging your community leaders to take a stand against this atrocious action. The Shopoff Group is an outside developer who has no interest in the people of our community but has a very keen interest in the profit they envision for themselves. This project will NOT benefit our community in any way, shape or form.

Act now to keep heavy industry out of Cherry Valley.

Cherry Valley, CA, United States

Reasons for signing

  • leave Cherry Valley alone!!
  • Cherry Valley is very rural and unincorporated. It truly is a country way of life. We need to stand up against big money companies that think they can change OUR HOME!
  • Inappropriate land use; negative environmental impact; lack of adequate sanitary treatment facilities; excessive consumption of private water resources; hazardous congestion of an Interstate highway under Federal, not State, jurisdiction.


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