To: Allegheny County Council

Stop The Fracking of Our Allegheny County Regional Parks

Stop The Fracking of Our Allegheny County Regional Parks

The Allegheny County Council must to say “NO” to Fracking in our County Parks and reject any proposal to lease or sell our parks for shale gas extraction. Furthermore, the Council should act to prevent any future consideration of the sale or leasing our Parks for any industrial uses including, but not limited to Fracking.

As trustee of these resources, the County Council has a duty conserve and maintain our Parks for the use and enjoyment of all of the people of Allegheny County and preserving the natural environment therein.

Furthermore, the Council should Act to preserve the County Parks and protect them from threats of industrialization in perpetuity.

Why is this important?

Allegheny County is currently considering leasing rights to multinational Oil & Gas Corporations to allow them to extract methane gas from the Marcellus Shale that lies beneath our parks.

This will cause significant adverse impacts to the Parks as well as to the communities within Allegheny County, particularly those adjacent to the County's Parks. To allow Fracking in our Parks is to ruin their inherent natural beauty and the character of our communities.

This Fracking process, from start to finish, brings with it environmental damage; loss of property value; human and animal exposure to toxic substances; significant, ceaseles truck traffic; noise pollution; land scarring for pipelines; surface contamination; water well contamination, gas well fires and explosions; loss of life; earthquakes; inability to secure insurance and/or mortgages; the placement of permanent infrastructure that emits air pollutants and has an inherent risk of explosion; and, controlled and uncontrolled releases of toxic substances.

The Parks of Allegheny County were established for the use and enjoyment of the People as recreational areas and for the conservation of the natural environment. They were never intended to become industrial zones.

The people of Pennsylvania have a Constitutional right (PA Const. Section 27) to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. The Allegheny County Parks are a public natural resource and are the common property of all the People of Allegheny County, including generations yet to come.

Please tell the County Council to “JUST SAY NO TO FRACKING OUR PARKS!"

Allegheny, PA

Reasons for signing

  • These parks are the people's land and we need to keep them intact for the animals and plants that grow there and for human species to connect with the wild. "In the wild is the preservation of the world."
  • I the hopes that generations to come will have safe water to drink and air to breathe!
  • our parks are here for recreational purposes and not industrial ones. they were created to be green spaces for all to enjoy. Respect the intent!


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