To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Stop New York from giving coal a bailout!

Stop New York from giving coal a bailout!

Governor Cuomo must commit to retiring New York's remaining coal plants and ending coal plants bailouts.

Why is this important?

Earlier this year, another polluting coal plant asked Governor Cuomo for a bailout worth hundreds of millions of dollars -- a huge step in the wrong direction.

New York ratepayers shouldn't have to pay to prop up outdated and unprofitable coal plants. Instead we should be investing in a renewable energy transition that not only cleans up our air and water but also creates thousands of homegrown jobs.

Coal is a losing bet for New York: it's uneconomical, it pollutes our climate, and it poisons out air and water. Bailing out coal plants is environmentally and fiscally irresponsible, and it sets a dangerous precedent.

Last year, Governor Cuomo's Public Service Commission approved an over $200 million bailout deal for the unprofitable Dunkirk coal plant, despite the fact that local utilities claimed the plant wasn't needed at all. Now the Cayuga coal plant is lining up at the trough, vying for a bailout that would cost at least $100 million more than transmission efficiency upgrades that would solve all reliability issues and render the plant unnecessary.

Governor Cuomo is sending the message that it's ok to subsidize these dirty plants by taking money from the pockets of taxpayers and electricity customers, even while the power companies reap the profits. For the Public Service Commission to put an end to this trend of ratepayer-subsidized polluter payoffs, it is crucial that Governor Cuomo voice his opposition, and commit publicly to ending dirty coal bailouts

Keeping these obsolete coal-fired power plants on life support will continue to undermine federal and state efforts to combat climate disruption. Responsibly retiring them, on the other hand, can set us on the path to achieving New York's ambitious goal to reduce carbon pollution 80% by 2050. If Governor Cuomo wants to be a true environmental leader, he needs to stop wasting utility customer money on an industry that is taking us backward on climate.

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