To: Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Stop Mining Public Lands While Visitors are Locked Out

Stop Mining Public Lands While Visitors are Locked Out

Stop allowing mining, drilling and other dirty energy extraction activities on federally protected lands while visitors are locked out and employees are home without pay.

Why is this important?

Our federal lands are being mined, drilled, logged and just about everything else you can name – but because of the Republicans’ reckless and irresponsible shutdown of the federal government, we can't be there to hike or camp, and our park rangers can't be there to respond to emergencies. We need to get our priorities straight.

I just met a furloughed National Park Service employee the other day on my way to the Capitol. He told me he knows there are bigger issues at stake than his paycheck, and he wants us to stand up for our public lands and our democracy instead of giving away the store. I'm asking you to tell Secretary Jewell and Secretary Vilsack the same.

There are about 800,000 furloughed federal employees all over the country. National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service and other land management experts are at home instead of tending to trails, eliminating invasive species and protecting our wild lands from pollution. While they wait for the shutdown to end, mining, drilling and logging are going ahead.

Fossil fuel and logging companies shouldn't have special access to our federal lands while rangers, hikers and the rest of us are locked out. Sign my petition to Sally Jewell and Tom Vilsack today to say we expect the same treatment as mining and logging companies when it comes to public lands and resources that we, as Americans, own and protect for the future.


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