To: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Stop holding Philly student safety and school funding hostage to your feud with education workers

On October 16th, Pennsylvania's Gov. Tom Corbett announced he would immediately release, without conditions, the $45 million that schools could use to hire nurses and counselors to keep our children safe. Thank you to nearly 3,800 people who signed this petition for speaking out and changing the governor's mind so quickly. The fight continues for the schools all our children deserve, in Philadelphia and around the country, and I know you will continue to be part of it.

Stop holding Philly student safety and school funding hostage to your feud with education workers

Please release the $45 million in federal funds that you are currently withholding from Philly schools which could be used to rehire nurses and counselors.

Having nurses and counselors present all day – every day – is essential to making sure children can learn safely. Not another day should go by without full-time nurses and counselors in every school.

Why is this important?

Last month, 12-year-old Laporshia Massey died of an asthma attack that started in a school without a nurse on campus.* Her teachers told her, “there’s no nurse, and just to be calm."* Because of Philly budget cuts, her school's nurse is only there two days a week, but Laporshia couldn't wait for another day. She shouldn't have had to wait another hour.

Laporshia listened to her teachers and struggled through her classes. When she got home, her parents rushed her to the hospital. They even flagged down an ambulance in traffic to save precious minutes, but it was too late.

What would have happened if a nurse had been able to call for help earlier in the day?

As the parent of a 5-year-old who plans to send my daughter to a public school in the coming years, I find it heartbreaking and unacceptable that we even have to ask.

Philly schools have had drastic budget cuts. This year they closed 23 schools, laid off support staff and have not given teachers what they need to succeed. The people who work in our schools have been warning us all along how dangerous this could be, and I wish our governor would listen to them.

Governor Corbett is withholding $45 million that could be used to put nurses and counselors back in schools and shrink class sizes so that teachers can give more attention to each student. This money is vital to keeping children safe. We must demand that Corbett put money back into Philly schools before another child is harmed.


How it will be delivered

In person to Governor Corbett.



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We won! Gov. Corbett releases the $45 million for the Philly public schools.

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