To: California Governor Jerry Brown

Stop food stamp cuts in California

Stop food stamp cuts in California

Nearly a million Americans are on the verge of losing $90 per month in food stamps benefits. I urge you to sign an executive order increasing heating assistance subsidies to prevent thousands of California families from losing access to food stamps.

Why is this important?

Last month, President Obama signed a new “farm bill” that cuts food stamp funding by about $800 million per year. These heartless cuts – which Republicans forced through in Congress – slash $90 in food stamp benefits per month from 850,000 families nationwide.

$90 per month may not seem like much, but for families that are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table, this cut to the food stamp program is devastating.

Fortunately, a bipartisan group of governors in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut have found a way to reverse these devastating cuts by participating in a special “heat and eat” program, which leverages heating assistance payments into higher food stamp benefits.

By slightly increasing state funding for heating assistance to residents slated to lose part of their food stamp benefits, these governors have completely stopped the Republican food stamp cut from affecting residents in their states.

California also participates in this “heat and eat” program. Now, with a single executive order, Governor Brown can follow the lead of the governors of New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and prevent thousands of California residents from losing $90 each month in food stamp benefits.

With unemployment still unacceptably high and millions of families struggling to get by, we need to do everything in our power to stop the Republicans’ irresponsible attempts to slash our social safety net.


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  • The wealthy are taking from those who don't have.


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