To: FERC- The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Stop approving oil and gas infrastructure

Stop approving oil and gas infrastructure

America doesn’t need endless pipelines and related infrastructure that impact local communities and that choke off the development of clean, renewable energy supplies. It is time for FERC to put down its rubber stamp and place a moratorium on new fracking and oil- and gas-related infrastructure projects.

If FERC is to do its job properly, it must:

-Provide the public with a map that shows all the oil and gas infrastructure projects that are seeking approval.
-Carefully consider the cumulative impact of all infrastructure projects on a region.
-Consider all the environmental, health, economic and social impacts associated with a project, including all the so-called “upstream” impacts associated with oil and gas extraction and fracking.
-Consider the effect on climate change that will be the inevitable result of an increased reliance on fossil fuels.
-Projects that aren’t essential for domestic needs should be denied permits. Exporting American energy supplies overseas is not in the public interest.

Why is this important?

On February 13, a pipeline in Adair County, Kentucky owned by Columbia Gulf Transmission exploded, sending two people to the hospital, destroying two homes and leaving behind a massive 60 foot crater.

The explosion in Kentucky is not an isolated incident. Every week there are news reports about pipeline leaks and explosions that contaminate our land and water and sometimes kill. But instead of fixing its crumbling infrastructure, the oil and gas industry has embarked on a reckless spending spree. It wants to build thousands of miles of new pipelines so that it can frack America and make us dependent on dirty fossil fuels for decades to come.

Private land is seized by eminent domain. Dangerous and polluting compressor stations are constructed in the middle of residential neighborhoods. One gas pipeline is slated to cut through the Gateway National Recreation Area. And now there’s a plan to build another large and potentially explosive pipeline near a nuclear reactor in one of the most densely populated areas of the country.

How can this happen? Isn’t anyone looking out for the public’s safety and welfare?

That "someone" should be FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It’s supposed to consider “public convenience and necessity” before permitting projects like these. But it’s fallen down on the job. Instead of critically examining all the impacts associated with oil and gas infrastructure, it’s become a rubber stamp for an industry that has shown that it doesn’t give a damn about the health and safety of the American people.

Tell FERC that America doesn’t need endless pipelines and related infrastructure that impact local communities and choke off the development of clean, renewable energy supplies.

For more info on fracking and oil & gas infrastructure:

Reasons for signing

  • We need to switch immediately to new and renewable sources, for less pollution, against climate change, and to avoid natural disasters !
  • Oil and gas are finite resources. We need to put our efforts to moving into the energy sources that have an infinite supply.
  • Infrastructure to the oil and gas industry is the cart before the horse. They get a pass on the wholesale destruction of aquifers, ecosystems, and species preservation and bide time to gut environmental regulations even more. They'll say, "Hey, we already laid the pipe, we have to drill, store, and export now." Sign the petition, I did.


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