To: Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio: Say No to NRA Leader's Ugly Racism

Senator Rubio: Say No to NRA Leader's Ugly Racism

Denounce NRA's Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre's racist, derogatory, and false attacks on America's Latino community and immediately return thousands of dollars of NRA contributions to your campaign.

Why is this important?

Last week, Wayne LaPierre issued a controversial op-ed singling out Latinos as the main reason why border-state "good Americans" need semi-automatic weapons, claiming "Latin American drug gangs" have "invaded" U.S. cities and turned Phoenix into "one of the kidnapping capitals of the world."

Contrary to LaPierre's claims, violent crimes have actually dropped in past years along the border towns of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Additionally, Congressional Quarterly recently named El Paso, TX, and San Diego, CA as two of the safest large cities in the U.S.

At a time when the Republican Party is attempting massive outreach to Latino voters, leading Republican Senator Marco Rubio has taken almost $5000 in contributions from the NRA toward his campaign debt retirement. Rubio has been the leading Latino voice within the party on issues such as comprehensive immigration reform, and even offering an official Spanish-language response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

Tell Senator Rubio to denounce Wayne LaPierre's racist comments on Latinos & return NRA's donations today.

How can Senator Rubio accept thousands in contributions from an organization that has vilified Latinos with racist, derogatory, and false claims, yet still attempt to attract Latino voters to his party?

If Republicans are serious about rebranding themselves as moderates and including Latinos within their party platform, they must distance themselves and condemn the vile remarks made by the NRA. This includes Senator Rubio returning the thousands in contributions he has received from the organization in order to show that he is bargaining for all Latinos in good faith, and not just for cheap political points.

Let Senator Rubio hear your voice today.

Think Progress, The Nine Most Insane Quotes From The NRA’s New Apocalyptic Op-Ed:

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  • NRA way off base on where most American gun owners stand. We should know, because we are long time gun owners and haven't agreed w/ NRA for a long ,long time .
  • We have enough violence in the US, we need no more.