To: Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia House of Representatives, Georgia State Senate

Say NO to Georgia's discrimination bill HB 1023 / SB 377

Say NO to Georgia's discrimination bill HB 1023 / SB 377

HB 1023 / SB 377 would lead to discrimination against women, gays and lesbians, religious groups and racial minorities. Do not allow this discriminatory legislation to become law in Georgia.

Why is this important?

Georgia bill HB 1023 / SB 377 would authorize any business to refuse services and goods based on religious convictions. This would open a Pandora's box of discrimination and anti-civil behavior targeting gays and lesbians, women, racial minorities and certain religious groups.

The bills are moving through the Georgia legislature quickly, so we need to act fast to stop this pro-discrimination policy from becoming Georgia law.

Although disguised behind the mask of first amendment rights, this is nothing but a plain and simple affirmation of anyone's right to discriminate for virtually any reason. U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Scalia wrote on a similar case that the traditional compelling interest test would be “courting anarchy” and open the prospect of religious exemptions from civic obligations of almost every conceivable kind.

Similar legislation has stalled or been defeated recently in Tennessee, South Dakota and Kansas. And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is facing major pressure to veto a similar bill in her state. Georgia legislators should reject this discriminatory law, but that won’t happen unless we can build massive grassroots pressure in opposition to HB 1023 / SB 377.

This bill would do nothing more than create a society in which personal opinions take prevalence over basic civic behavior. Do not allow it to become law.

For full text of the bills, please follow the links below.

Georgia, United States

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2014-03-21 06:48:00 -0700

The anti-gay, pro-discrimination bill is back.
On the last day of the session, that bill has returned as an amendment to two labor bills working their way through the General Assembly.
Don't let HB 714, HB 1027 or any other bills pass with language that approves discrimination.

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