To: Emergency City Manager Kevyn Orr

Save the Detroit Institute of Arts

Save the Detroit Institute of Arts

Declare the Detroit Institute of Arts as protected from being listed and used as city assets to settle the cities debts.

Why is this important?

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is should not be viewed as a city asset, it is a public trust that the city oversees. The priceless collection of one of the nations best art museums should not be sold off simply to help the city get out of debt. The works are for the public, not the city, and are for the good of everyone.

The move of selling even a single painting or other work sets a very dangerous precedent. As other cities and states draw ever closer to situations not that dissimilar from Detroits, we need to send a clear message that the works displayed in museums are not for sale to raise "quick cash" in any situation for any government in a cash crisis.

Already the Emergency City Manager has had Christies Auction House come in for appraisals of the works and suggestions for selling works, including work from artists like Brugel and Van Gogh ( ) and the Detroit Institute of Art has been trying to fundraise and provide alternatives to being forced to sell their collection. ( )

Every year millions visit museums, from students on field trips, to seniors renewing their cultural awareness. None of them should ever see a price tag on any of it.

Thank you for your time.


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