To: Those who are unaware that carriage horses are under attack to be banned in the U.S. by the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages and throughout the world by Horses Without Carriages International!

Save the Carriage Horses

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To the President of the U.S.; All Members of U.S. Congress; All Prime Ministers of All Countries; All Elected Officials in All States of the U.S.; and All Elected Officials in territories in possession of the U.S. such as Puerto Rico:

Whereas, I the undersigned:

1. I have read, watched and understood the information supporting this petition and its purpose, and agree that carriage horses should not be banned anywhere in the world unless there have been documented evidence supported with scientific and medical proof of animal abuse, and the abuse continues to exist after remedies have been taken by elected officials and the abuse continues;

2. I hereby state that in the event I reside in a geographic area (city, state, country) where carriage horses exist and there is an election in which any of the above listed addressees are running for election to political office, I will do everything in my power to mount a grass roots campaign to defeat that candidate if he/she wants to ban carriage horses without valid scientific and medical reasons OR does not publicly come out in support of the carriage horses;

3. I hereby say that in the event I reside in a geographic area (city, state, country) where carriage horses exist and there is an election in which any of the candidates want to ban the carriage horses without valid scientific and medical reasons, I will do everything in my power to mount a grass roots campaign to defeat those candidates.

Yours truly,
The Undersigned

Why is this important?

My name is Bill Murawski. As a journalist I began covering the alleged and unfounded allegations that the carriage horses are abused in NYC in 2003. Since that time organizations like PETA, the ASPCA and the HSUS have been spreading lies, both written and spoken, about the conditions and safety of the horses. And now, because main-stream media is finally giving attention to the issue, the “animal activists” are now back-pedaling because it is becoming more and more obvious to the public that the ban it is nothing more than a land grab. However, it is much more an important issue than that. It is about defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States!
The Constitution and Declaration of Independence protect the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the event you are not sure what the phrase means, go to for an understanding of it.
Newly elected NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio made a campaign promise to ban the carriage horses in the city on day one. The general consensus is that if the carriage horses are banned in NYC it will cause a domino effect on all other carriage horse businesses in the world. Although the main focus of this petition is aimed at Mayor DeBlasio and the NYC Council, this petition is addressed to all elected officials listed because the petition can be sorted by geographic area and therefore electronic copies can be provided to officials in those cities and or countries where carriage horses are under attack.
In the event you are one of the persons who believes the lies made about the carriage horses, please review the sources of information that have been compiled since 2006 and are listed below.
1. Blinders UnMasked: A response to the documentary Blinders, produced by Donny Moss in 2008. It can be watched at
2. OPERATION: Save the Carriage Horses Part One can be watched at
3. OPERATION: Save the Carriage Horses can be watched at OPERATION: Save the Carriage Horses Part 3 is in the final stages of the editing process.
4. Separating Facts from Fiction: One of the reasons for establishing DeWitt Clinton Express, A Neighborhood Newspaper was to help protect the carriage horses from extinction, therefore various articles were published in the first six issues for the carriage horses. Please visit
The horse has been the companion-helper of humankind for centuries. It helped pull barges through canals; plowed the fields of farmers who fed us; and pulled wagons of produce & milk to our neighborhoods, towns and villages to name only a few ways the horse has helped us. And in consideration that 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse, this petition will end on July 4, 2014 which is the 238th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. In the event you sign the petition, please list the reasons why.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand delivered to all members of the U.S. Congress, the President of the U.S., Mayor Bill DeBlasio of NYC and all members of the Council of the City of New York. Each will have a personalized letter for each person the petition is delivered to. All governors of all states will also receive a copy, certified mail return receipt requested.

Reasons for signing

  • There are few pleasures without responsibility. Creating half truths is not responsible behavior
  • I live in the Clinton section of NYC and for years have seen the carriage horses and the precious attention given to them by their drivers. No abuse here! Only love and care..
  • My parents work with their horses in the streets of Vermont, giving carriage rides, sleigh rides, in parades, collecting the village's trash & recycling and much, much more. The relationship between man and animal is profound, full of love, care and respect. It would be a travesty to lose these shining examples of animal husbandry.


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