To: Marin County Board of Supervisors

Save California's Endangered Coho Salmon!

Save California's Endangered Coho Salmon!

I urge you to strengthen Marin’s proposed Streamside Conservation Area Ordinance to ensure protections for the critically endangered coho salmon that reside in the County’s streams, and to expand their chances for recovery to sustainable population levels.

Why is this important?

Coho salmon are already critically endangered, but a new stream ordinance coming up for a vote in the next few weeks could bring them even closer to extinction.

The largest, most important population of this species resides in Marin County, CA. But as currently written, the new stream ordinance promotes real estate development without requiring any meaningful mitigation measures to protect this iconic endangered species. In fact, instead of supporting salmon restoration, it likely makes their survival more tenuous.

While Central California Coho salmon have disappeared from streams spanning their historic range, the San Geronimo Watershed supports one of the strongest remaining populations of this species of anywhere in California. Despite the need to protect this vital area, the proposed rules will allow more than 500,000 square feet of new development (the equivalent of two WalMart stores) inside the so-called 100-foot Stream Conservation Area on developed parcels within the tiny ten square miles of the San Geronimo Watershed alone. To make matters worse, the ordinance also allows more than another 500,000 sq ft of new construction on undeveloped parcels.

The annual spawning runs of Marin's coho salmon have already dwindled by 90% of historic levels. A strong science-based stream ordinance may be the last chance to save this legacy species from what federal biologists have termed "an extinction vortex."

We can't continue to promote real estate development without considering how we can support and restore our important population of coho salmon before it's too late. We must take action now.

Sign my petition and let the Marin County Board of Supervisors know we want them to write an improved SCA ordinance that protects Marin County's critically endangered coho salmon from further habitat loss.


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Reasons for signing

  • A vegan, environmentalist, and animal lover; I care about the fish for the fishs' sake, not so I can exploit and eat them.
  • I'm a North Coast fly fisherman and know that to continue doing what I love most, there needs to be healthy stocks of salmon in our rivers and streams.
  • Once gone, they won't return.


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Save Marin's Salmon Now! The next public hearing is Oct 1st, so ACT NOW!

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