To: The 50 House Republicans who have joined Rep. Reid Ribble in demanding cuts to Social Security in exchange for passing a budget and raising the debt ceiling.

“Ribble Republicans” Are Coming for Your Social Security

“Ribble Republicans” Are Coming for Your Social Security

Stop irresponsibly and recklessly demanding cuts to Social Security benefits. End the hostage-taking and leave Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits alone!

Why is this important?

During the recent government shutdown, a group of fifty Republicans banded together to use the crisis they created to call for cuts to our Social Security system. Led by Reid Ribble of Wisconsin, these fifty "Ribble Republicans" sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner urging him to cut Social Security and Veterans benefits before re-opening the government.

Even though they didn’t get their wish, we need to show them that we won’t forget the Representatives who think Social Security and Veterans benefits cuts are a reasonable ransom demand. That’s why we’re going to deliver your signatures to Rep. Ribble in his district this Thursday.

As Members of Congress are in budget negotiations, they’re watching how we react to any threats to our earned benefits. We can’t let them think we’ll forget their threats to our Social Security system. This is only the beginning.

Rep. Ribble’s ideas about Social Security read like a wish list straight out of the Romney/Ryan play book:

Raising the retirement age
- Slashing annual cost of living adjustments for Social Security, Veterans and other
- benefits with the “Chained CPI”
- Means testing for Social Security recipients

How it will be delivered

Area residents will join with the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, Social Security Works and other groups outside Ribble’s office to deliver your signatures and call attention to a new report on how the chained CPI will harm Veterans and Social Security beneficiaries in Wisconsin and outlining how these cuts would harm Wisconsin’s veterans. Two veterans will talk about what Ribble’s proposed cuts mean to them.


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