To: Hubbard Broadcasting

Return the Ad to Air

Return the Ad to Air

People on the Range deserve to know where Stewart Mills stands on economic issues. Return the ad calling him out back to the air.

Why is this important?

In a 2013 speech, Stewart Mills said that all the talk about the rich not paying their fair share and corporations dodging taxes singled him out as a deadbeat, and was "personally offensive."

But his friends at Hubbard Broadcasting won't air an ad on WDIO and KSTP that uses his own words to call him out.

And here’s the kicker: the owner of Hubbard Broadcasting, Stanley Hubbard, is a major donor to Mills’ campaign. When a media station owned by someone who has maxed out to a candidate is keeping us from knowing where that candidate stands, something’s not right.

We deserve to know where Stewart Mills stands. He doesn’t think that he and his fellow millionaires should have to pay more in taxes and he doesn’t support raising the federal minimum wage.

And most of all, a major donor like Stanley Hubbard, a friend of the Koch brothers, shouldn’t get to decide whether or not people on Minnesota's Iron Range see this ad. It’s a huge conflict of interest.

Will you join me in calling on Hubbard Broadcasting to put the ad back on air?

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Grand Rapids, MN, United States

Reasons for signing

  • what better publicity than a rich owner will not air an ad against a rich unethical politician he has donated to
  • Come on WDIO/WIRT-TV, this ad airs on KQDS-TV, KBJR/KDLH-TV but not on your airwaves?


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