To: Entire US Government including Administration & Legislation

Require Government To Become Constitutional

The governmental official of the United States which the the people elect will follow the procedure outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America in being elected and all of their official duties.

Why is this important?

When the US became an independent nation, in 1776, it patterned its government after England's and never became constitutional after its ratification in 1787 which, with today's 27 Amendments, the government should operate as the following. Because all government officials are failing to uphold their oaths of office they are committing Treason which only require 2 witnesses for a conviction although I'm seeking 1 million signatures as witnesses.

By Article 1, section 2 and Amendments12, 17 & 24 the electors, chosen by the people (Amend. 24) after the elections are over, shall seek Presidential and Vice (Amend. 12), Representatives (Art. 1, sec. 2) and Senators (Amend. 17) candidates and, WITHOUT THEIR CAMPAIGNING, bring them to the citizens of their state for presidents and vices, Representative districts for representatives and Senatorial districts for senators, where each person individually interviews then pertaining to how they are willing to uphold their oaths to protect the constitution (Articles 2, paragraph 8 & 6, paragraph 3) by implementing the intent of the Preamble in their every governmental action and, during the election(s), vote their personal choices based on their interview. If there is a clear chosen Representative and Senator for their respective districts they go to Washington without requiring a general election or tiebreakers are voted on during the general election and they go Washington, DC to represent the state while working on behalf of every citizen of the entire nation.

The Presidential and Vice candidates lists and number of votes for each are sent to to Washington following the procedure established by Amendment 12. Then, if every state chooses the incumbent president and vice there is no November election but if even one state or Washington, DC has a different person for either presidential or vice an election for that position will be held in November. When there is no incumbents there is possibly 51 presidents and vices to be voted on in November's general election and, if there's a tie of 3 or less congress will break the tie but if more then there will be another election {although not written}.

After the Constitutional elections, WITH A PAPER TRAIL TO VERIFY THE COUNT, every bill to come before congress has to be written in layman's language {meaning congressman are not required to be lawyers} and provided to constituents for them to vote telling their representatives and senators to vote pass or deny it, {how can Senators and representatives be representing the people without the people telling them how to vote on every bill?}, in this way the "citizen corporations" have no means of bribing government officials. When anyone is "recalled" it means they are never to be allowed as a trustee {Public Trust is written in Article 6} of the people and, as the Constitution requires, We The People will be responsible for our own destinies without being concerned about bribes via campaign contributions or corruption in government.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver the signatures to the US president but CREDO should email each signature to each congressman and the president of the United States of America giving them a warning of their unconstitutional behavior until I get the 1,000,000,000 signatures, although Article 3, section 3 only require 2 witnesses for a conviction for treason which the government is doing by not upholding their oaths of office