To: State legislatures and governors in Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, Oklahoma and Hawaii

Reject legislation that discriminates against gays and lesbians

Discrimination is wrong – period. Reject any legislation that allows discrimination against gays and lesbians on religious grounds.

Why is this important?

Last month, when the Arizona legislature passed a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians on religious grounds, Arizonans fought back, including with the petition I started on CREDO Mobilize urging Governor Brewer to veto to bill.

After tens of thousands of activists signed my petition, governor Brewer did the right thing and vetoed the discriminatory proposal.

But now, states across the country – including Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, Oklahoma and Hawaii – are considering similar discriminatory anti-gay laws.

When Arizona and Georgia were considering anti-gay legislation last month, major corporations like Delta, Apple and the National Football League warned the states to reject the bills. Discrimination isn’t just immoral – it’s bad for business.

Discriminating against gays and lesbians is wrong regardless of the reason. Hiding behind the guise of “religious liberty” in order to justify discrimination is downright cowardly.

In the past few weeks, grassroots opposition has helped stop anti-gay legislation in several states. By signing my petition, you can help make sure elected officials in states still considering discriminatory laws know that anti-gay discrimination is unacceptable.

Indiana amendment:

Hawaii bill:

Oklahoma bill:

Missouri bill:

Mississippi bill:

For more about how it went down in Arizona:


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