To: the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA)

Reject Kingsport Power's Attack on Tennessee Energy Choice!

As a concerned ratepayer in the Volunteer State, I call on you to do the right thing for the people of Tennessee by blocking Kingsport Power's attempts to stifle energy choice. We deserve the right to have a choice in where our energy comes from and by adding excessive fees to rooftop solar, Kingsport Power is essentially trying to put the sun out of reach.

Set the right precedent for Tennessee and the rest of the country. Don't allow Kingsport Power to take our energy choice.

Why is this important?

The Tennessee solar industry employs thousands of people with in-state, clean jobs. We want to keep those local jobs growing by setting the right precedent for Tennessee and the rest of the country.

Utilities across the country, including Kingsport power, are now trying to stifle the growth of rooftop solar to keep us hooked on fossil fuels and protect their bottom line.

In their latest rate case, Kingsport Power is not only trying to raise electricity rates in the Kingsport area, but take away energy choice. Kingsport Power is trying to adopt discriminatory charges, which will ruin private investment in self-generation, economic development, jobs, and energy security.

Specifically, Kingsport Power is attempting to put in place demand charges on solar users which would severely limit a person’s ability to choose solar. The Kingsport Power proposal is a threat to solar power in Kingsport and across Tennessee, since it would set a dangerous precedent of punishing Tennesseans for going solar.

Across the country, dirty energy utilities are finding new ways to slow the growth of rooftop solar to protect their monopoly status. Don't let this precedent be set in Tennessee. Your voice is needed to ensure that rooftop solar is preserved.

How it will be delivered

The Alliance for Solar Choice, Tennessee Sierra Club, and the Tennessee Environmental Council will plan to deliver the signatures collected to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Tennessee, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • What could possibly be the motivation for this, other than profit? Why should a municipality be making profit off a public utility? I suppose that next we'll be charged a hefty fee for energy-efficient appliances. It's nothing but a scam.
  • AEP and the City of Kingsport never put one penny into my solar panel, inverter set up that cost me thousands. They also do not give one penny to maintain the system which has cost us thousands. Also AEP benefits from my system when peak needs are needed without paying us any fees. It's totally wrong for AEP and the City of Kingsport to think they have a right to charge homeowners fees for having Solar panels that actually helps they reduce the need to build more power systems.
  • I have solar power, I did it to be green and save money. It took a chunk of my retirement to install. Taking it away is very painful financially for our family


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