To: California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher must apologize to California fire victims

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher must apologize to California fire victims

Rep. Rohrabacher, you should immediately apologize to all Californians for dismissing the growing threat of wildfires in our state, and calling climate change "a total fraud." If you are unwilling to accept the vast scientific consensus on climate change you should immediately resign your position on the House Science Committee.

Why is this important?

Fires have been burning nonstop in California since May 1st. Peak wildfire season hasn't even started yet, but already our state is enduring its driest year on record, and the seventh-largest fire in California history continues burning out of control in Yosemite National Park.

But Orange County Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who is a senior member of the House Science Committee no less, recently dismissed concerns about wildfires and efforts by Sen. Barbara Boxer and others to combat climate change and confront this increasingly serious threat.

Then he said this: "Global warming is a total fraud."

There is no question that this dangerous fire season is being caused by climate-change fueled drought. California's drought is so bad, the city of Los Angeles is asking residents to pull up their lawns and replace them with plants that don't need as much water.

Rep. Rohrabacher is either astonishingly ignorant or - even worse - he's so bought and sold by the more than $30,000 he has received from the fossil fuel industry in campaign contributions, he's willing to endanger Californians with bald faced lies.

The fact that someone like this is not only in Congress but serves on the House Science Committee is astonishing.

He owes all Californians an apology, especially the tens of thousands who have already been affected by fires just this year. If he is unwilling to apologize, he should immediately resign his position on the House Science Committee.

Here are some of Rep. Rohrabacher's unbelievable comments:
"I think this exemplifies the tactics — the scare tactics — of those who’ve been pushing this global warming fraud on us," he said. "They’ll take something that is dramatic, like a fire, and try and use that; or a tornado, or a hurricane and say 'see, people are being hurt.'"
See the whole video here:

The Yosemite "Rim Fire" and California's drought:

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Rep. Rohrabacher's contributions from fossil fuel companies:

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