To: President Knapp

Real Food for GWU

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We, the undersigned, believe that the George Washington University should sign the Real Food Campus Commitment. As an institution, our decisions have widespread impacts not only on our campus community, but also on the wellbeing of workers, the environment, and the economy.

Why is this important?

We believe colleges and universities must exercise leadership in our communities and throughout society by modeling ways to support ecologically sustainable, humane, and socially equitable food systems. We, the undersigned below, believe that the George Washington University can be successful in this endeavor by signing the Real Food Challenge Commitment of at least 20% real food by 2020. We further recognize that investing in the use of local/regional, ecologically sustainable, humane, and fair foods benefits not only the daily lives of current students, but the recruitment and retention of new students, fosters university-community relations by supporting the livelihoods of family farmers and food chain workers, and places our institution in alignment with leading colleges and universities across the country.

View the Real Food Challenge campus commitment here:

The George Washington University, I Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States


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