To: Virginia General Assembly

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia

Help end discrimination on the basis of sex permanently by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Update: The VA House subcommittee on Elections will hear comments for SJ78 on Thursday at 7:30 and then the subcommittee will vote. If it passes the subcommittee, the bill then advances to the Privileges and Elections Committee.

Forward this to everyone you know in Virginia. This bill is now moving forward in the House; it has already passed in the Senate.

Why is this important?

On Wednesday, February 4th, the Virginia Senate voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment bringing us one step closer to full ratification.

The Equal Rights Amendment would provide a path to reliable economic security for both women and men by guaranteeing that equal pay for equal work is enshrined in the United States Constitution. We need the Equal Rights Amendment to lift women and families out of poverty and promote household stability. This is a civil rights issue!

Without the Equal Rights Amendment laws like Lily Ledbetter and the Pay Equity Act have no teeth. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex so these piecemeal laws have no judicial standing.

"Every Constitution written since the end of World War II includes a provision that men and women are citizens of equal stature. Ours does not."
-- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

We still need the ERA. Currently, federal and state laws do not and cannot fully protect equal rights for women and girls--and in some cases men and boys--under the law. This is because discrimination on account of sex is not barred by the Constitution. Antonin Scalia, Betty Ford, Patricia Ireland, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter have all asserted that the ERA is necessary for constitutional protection of equal rights for all.

While there is an ERA clause in the Virginia Constitution, Virginia has never ratified the Federal Equal Rights Amendment leaving us 3 states short of the required 38 states. Currently we are working to remove the ratification deadline from the stalled original Equal Rights Amendment and look forward to a vote in Congress in 2014. Legislation has been introduced in the General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment moving us one state closer to full ratification.

The Equal Rights Amendment would provide blanket protection to women for all time. A yes vote by your Delegate/Senator will send a positive and clear message that the time has come to recognize women as equal under the law in the United States of America. It is time to guarantee women a reliable path to economic security and lift American women and children out of poverty. America is one of the few industrialized nations that has not yet recognized its women as equals. It is now time to do the right thing and move our country forward.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition in person to the Virginia General Assembly Privileges and Elections Committee.

Virginia, United States

Reasons for signing

  • This March I leave SF to walk to DC to cover all 15 states that have not ratified the ERA. Virginia here I come!


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